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Black Desert Online - MMO
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Posted February 28th, 2017

Anyone interested in playing this with me & pickles?
Its a bit like Skyrim, and its a buy-once model starting at €10, but theres a 7 day trial when registering an account, and i can provide a code that extends it a further 7 days. I did the 7-day trial and bought it last weekend, just before they did a sale on the other packages as i probably would have gone for the €25 one, unfortunately i cant upgrade.

The graphics are very good by MMO standards, and probably not that far off Witcher 3 which has a similar look. Combat is decent, dunno how WoW or others do it, but it uses just a few buttons and then certain combos to activate a specific move, for example one of my good mob killers is holding [S] + [LMB] + [RMB] and it'll trigger a certain move. It makes things a little more skill based without being too complicated, it feels satisfying rather than just button mashing - although learning the skills can take time before your able to do them, so its a little mashy at first.

Theres also a handful of careers to make money in, like farming, crafting, mining, but the most popular is fishing with one of the main reasons being because you can AFK, minimise the game to the taskbar, and do other stuff. I spent a few hours playing The Forest with viper last week while BDO was running in the background.

I'll likely be creating new Alt characters every few days, so if you wanted to give it a go then i can join you and take you through a lot of it without the confusion, explain certain things along the way, and both be low-level n00bs. I'll be deleting & creating new characters cos its somewhat easier to earn certain benefits that apply to my whole account ('family') so its not an inconvenience, and its beneficial having multiple characters.

I've already created a Mercury_Rising guild, just me & Pickles though :( Need moar!! :thumbsup:

Link: Black Desert Online



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Posted March 1st, 2017

I will stick to fishing out in the fresh air :lol:

MMO games are not for me...have fun!!